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Light Box Signs

A Light Box is a perfect way to enhance your company’s brand, space or vision. Whether it’s for your company, storefront, backdrop, decoration or to simply make your space livelier, this is the most versatile type of signage. The function can pertain to pretty much anything that comes to mind. Whether you’re attracting the casual, consumer, or the professional crowd. Not only are these signs versatile, but customizability is also flexible enough to be made into any shape or size. So, let’s get creative, personable, and lit!

Sizing scalable up to 60in by 36in (5 feet by 3 feet)

These signs are made-to-order with dimmable, eco-friendly, low-energy efficient LEDs, combined with a print, vinyl, or acrylic face, which is then attached to an aluminum frame. The process to hang or mount is quick and easy!

Here at Interstellar Systems, we will walk with you every step of the process to ensure your vision is executed to your standards. Everything is hand-made and manufactured right here in Los Angeles, California. We have an exceptional lead time of 2 to 3 weeks, but an expedited option is also available for those who need an even quicker turnaround time.

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